The Truth About the First Time

First blog post started: Three months ago

First blog post completed: Today

Confession: About 99% of the intervening time was spent writing “write first blog post” on countless post-it To Do lists

Reason: Fear. Plain and simple. He has hidden around the corner, temporarily vanquished, only to sidle up late at night and whisper in my ear. “What do you really have to say?“ “Who's going to read it anyway?”

And his constant companion, Self-Doubt, was only too happy to join in the chorus. “Do you even know what you’re doing?” “Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

I do! I insisted. Then I crumpled up another tired unfinished list and started a fresh one.

We always remember our firsts: the first time we rode a bike without training wheels, our first date, our first drive with a new license.

The river of time rushes over our memories and polishes them smooth - and it’s easy to forget how difficult the process was in the beginning. The shining moments of triumph stand out but we gloss over the skinned knees, crushing rejections, and dented fenders.

I’m starting down a path of another first, brimming with excitement and good intentions, and accompanied by a frolicking party of insecurities. This time, I’m fully aware of the challenges I face. There will be many mistakes and course corrections.

But you can’t cross the finish line unless you start. You can’t catch a dream unless you chase it.

And as my wonderfully wise mother recently told me: “This is just the beginning.”

One of my favorite sayings: Courage comes after taking a risk, not before.

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